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I have been in Europe for 11 days, mostly The Netherlands and Finland. Overall, looking ahead, I think I have everyday and evening booked in February. Pic 1. Central Finland in winter at 4:00 in the afternoon. Pic 2. Hints at the fairyland side of Finland from the air. Pic 3. Been on this plane several times now. I like the call sign. "Approach Control, Oh-8 with you at 12500." Pic 4. George Patton's Grave at a US cemetery in Europe. Pic 5. Great Sense of humor in Finland Pic 6. This is the tractor I am getting if I get back to farming. I only got it stuck once on my test drive. Pic 7. Great Architecture feels like putting on a pair of jeans just out of the dryer. Pic 8. Venlo, Netherlands Pic 9. This beer was pretty much unbelievable, the stuff on the side of the glass is known as "Brussels Lace" for good reason. Pic 10. What world heritage site is this? Pic 11. Chocolate! Pic 12. "I am looking for an attractive tariff."