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6th Annual Best Practices Conference - Welcome I have not blogged in a while. I have a lot to report. Professor is doing well. The "abnormal structure" turned out to be a bacteria based abnomaly. The pigs are now in boxes. Bonnie and I had a real country breakfast this morning of Bacon (that we raised) and scrambled eggs (that we raised). My flail mower is being delivered tomorrow. I had it modified to attach to a front of a tractor or the rear. It will be soooo easy to have my headphones on in my heated cab mowing my trails with the mower out front. Too cool. The other llamas are well and we really enjoy watching their grace. I was at a conference for Content Development Management in Cape Cod this week. It was worthwhile. I gave a 15 minute presentation as part of a panel for 150 managers or so. It was fun.