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The virus thing is somewhat refreshing in a few ways. One way is that even though I have seen many different things in my life our current situation is proof that there is still novelty ahead. A year ago, this seemed only theoretically possible. And we are still figuring out what "this" is. It will be a long time before we sort out what is happening now. The technical, the social, the panic, the contrived, the realities, all to be sorted out in good time. I gather very little news. I don't need the analysis, speculation, politics or panic mongering. We have been into our food stores. The oldest item so far is some frozen chicken soup Angie made in 2014. It was interesting to figure out what we cooked and how back then. We were saving it just for today. It was delicious served in bowls I remember my Mom getting in the early 1970s. We have been spending more time in the nice chairs (we never used to use much) on the front porch as a lot more folks walk by. But mostly, it