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Chazd's (Charles Dowdell's) News Burps I took half a day off today to try and coordinate the new electrical service entrance disconnect, inspection, and connect. The way things are looking. I may have to use my generator for a day or so. The schedule is not working out well. It is a hassle, but doing the work myself saves thousands of dollars. Life is exciting today. I believe there is opportunity. Finding it can be sometimes be tiresome.
Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture I have been visiting the Information Architecture listserves, wikis and other e-lands regarding information architecture.
Content removed by request 6/29/07 - Local Recreation Page Jeff and I went turkey hunting on Saturday and Sunday morning. We did not get anything. I am moving forward on the new electrical service entance work. I am using a Square D load center in the barn as the load splitter between the barn and the house. It only has 8 circuits for the barn, but it has a load bypass feature that feeds the house service entrance. I ended up buying a whole spool of 4/0 aluminum cable at Home Depot. I need to take back what I did not use, about 190 feet. The 500 foot spool cost about $600.00. It is moving ahead. Hopefully I can get stuff buried pretty soon. It is a hassle trying to get around the ditches all the time.