Showing posts from May 23, 2004
I walked through the woods through the park to join up with my car pool this morning. It was nice, the woods were cool, slightly foggy and almost tropical with all the rain we have been getting. I sneaked up on a deer. That was pleasant. It is a little over a mile walk after I get to the park. I carry my shoes and change from my hiking boots in the car. Hopefully, my new camera arrives by UPS today. I bought another Sony Mavica from someone on eBay.
MotoSat My friend Pete called yesterday from I 81 near Scranton. He was twisting up the differential on his pickup while trailering his camper. The differential was making a lot of noise and he had just got some work done to it. Luckily, the camper and truck made it to whitney point. I agreed to pull the trailer with my truck to Rochester for him to lighten the load on his truck. It was a large camper, about 28 feet and 8000 lbs. My truck felt it was pulling something that's for sure. It was a different experience. We got home after midnight.