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DJ and I took the plane up this morning. That is... the plane that I am almost certainly going to buy fractional ownership in in a couple of weeks. I will finish my flight training in this plane. The plane flies very straight and it is in great shape, low hours and her name in "Princess". I flew in the left seat, DJ in the back, up around Lake Lanier and then around Stone Mountain. It sure is nice getting around the road traffic in the air, but the traffic we do encounter in the air is more impressive. I am going back to Europe (France, England and Belgium) in May as well as NY. I need to get back up to Kansas as well.
DJ in is ATL. We had a lot of tornadoes around here the other night. Compared to the last time I lived in a Tornado area (Ohio) a lot has changed. The radar is so good nowadays you can watch the storms on the TV with great accuracy. We watched tornadoes on TV go by us both to the north and south. The weather in my neighborhood never got worse than a mild thunderstorm. I didn't mind. I have enough excitement.