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Around Town Gwinnett County, Georgia

We decided not to travel over the labor day weekend this year, not even to NY and the farm and even when I had two holiday days available from work. The thinking was that I have lots of stuff to do around here. It seems the more work you do to a house the more work is required. I suppose it makes sense. When you take care of the major stuff the remaining items will then become major items, needing attention. I was originally planning on repairing the deck labor day weekend. When I bought the house 12 years ago I figure it needed to be replaced. I have fixed it a number of times, but I think now it appears I need to replace it or at least most of it. The structure and footings are not appropriate and joists have been doubled and tripled up. So much for just replacing a few more deck boards. Of course, since I am in this deep now I will be adding an outdoor kitchen with an outdoor sink. Oh well. Fellow Aeroventures Club member Daryl Hudec won the Grand Champion Kitbuilt at EAA Oshko