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Chased by a Bear

It was/is good to hire others to do the work on the house. It is very uncomfortable at times, but it accelerates things. I am unhappy with the craftsmanship. The most prized skills for this kind of work is speed. Quality skills comes in second. In the normal DIY home improvement strategy you do the inside work first then do the outside work. If you do it the other way around your taxes will go up while the inside is not worth it. I always say that property should have higher tax assessments on property that is not kept up, not higher taxes for property is kept nice. The poorly conserved properties are a drain on civilization. There should be an incentive to keep your property in good repair. Well, you might say, ""I dont want the government judging what should be done to my house". The fact is they are already judging your house with an assessment that penalizes only on how how nice your house "looks" as well as some basic stats (which are good and should be p