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I have been involved a bit with these guys.
There is a lot to plan. It is all about lists. I started searching through my own blog (certain that I had blogged about the concept earlier) about the principle of lists. I didn't find it. Classification starts as lists. Plain and simple. The "list" is probably a fundamental of all civilization. There are two types of people. 1. Those who make lists. 2. Those who don't. Which one am I? Planning for a suitable tenant(s) and deciding what (if any) NY property to sell is important. Looking at property to live in in Georgia is downright fun. DJ's business is of course a focus of attention. Once you have started a business or two it can be a bit addictive. There was some interesting valley fog the other day (the next valley over). I thought it was a bit striking. I also noticed a noon-time 360 degrees sun-parahelia (rare). I will be traveling a lot for a while. I am drinking from the fire hose.