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Angie and I are back from New Orleans. We had a good time. I needed to spend some Delta Airline Dollars by the end of the year and ensure I met the threshold for their loyalty program in miles. It appears I have purchased a new plane, a 1/4 share in it anyway. It's a beauty. It's all pretty exciting.
Angie and I went to see the Atlanta Premiere of "Antarctica --A year on Ice" At this point, I have only seen the movie once. I will need to see it multiple times. It was not disappointing. It was very familiar, of course. Anthony Powell did a nice job of getting some of the right people in the film rather than the usual camera frame grabbers that appear in Antarctica documentaries. I was pleased to see my best friend from the ice (Dave Voorhees) in several shots including on the summit of Mt Terror. We have been discussing the film via email. I also worked with "Josh" the mechanic. He has the ITASE patch on his shoulder in one shot. I have one of those patches as well for my part regarding the International Trans-Antarctica Scientific Expedition. Most of the other folks in the film I was familiar with as well. Anthony did a great job showing what life is like, and of course, I would have had my slant on things. For example, I would have expanded on the "rebirt