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Well, the class is almost over. I think. This class "Financial Management in Organizations" has taken a lot out of me. It has been stressful. A lot of what the class thinks is easy is not easy for me. I am not an accountant. I have to figure the basis stuff that the new material is based on. Anyway, I think I have walked away with some excellent lessons besides what I learned in class. I have been seeking out motivational speakers and mentors for advice as normal. But, I think I may be able to listen and empathize a little better. Stress can do that. There becomes a reason to change. Rely on your inner voice. I am off to Seattle tomorrow. Donna and Dave will receive the STC award for their project, well deserved. I should blog from there. I will eat a raw oyster I am sure. That was the place I got the liking for them. I plan on getting up early (no choice coming from the east coast) and exercising. I remember last time I was out there there was an exercise room on the top