Well, the class is almost over. I think. This class "Financial Management in Organizations" has taken a lot out of me. It has been stressful. A lot of what the class thinks is easy is not easy for me. I am not an accountant. I have to figure the basis stuff that the new material is based on. Anyway, I think I have walked away with some excellent lessons besides what I learned in class. I have been seeking out motivational speakers and mentors for advice as normal. But, I think I may be able to listen and empathize a little better. Stress can do that. There becomes a reason to change. Rely on your inner voice.

I am off to Seattle tomorrow. Donna and Dave will receive the STC award for their project, well deserved. I should blog from there. I will eat a raw oyster I am sure. That was the place I got the liking for them. I plan on getting up early (no choice coming from the east coast) and exercising. I remember last time I was out there there was an exercise room on the top floor of the hotel that looked towards Mt. Rainier. After that, I am off to Starbucks for a cup of the world's most expensive coffee. I would also like to get down to the fish market where all the "Fish" craze was started. I was there before it went crazy and I can tell you I was very familiar with the concept before the hype. The folks in the print shop at work understand fish.

Bonnie and I went up to Rochester to visit my mom today. She is well. We went to lunch at a Restaurant on Irondequoit Bay. We also drove by the places I grew up. It was very weird. Very weird indeed. The gingko tree my parents planted in the front yard has a trunk over a foot wide. I guess the thing that freaks me out the most is the distances between places and houses seems absolutely microscopic. I am familiar with this phenomena but, I had never experienced it like this before. In thinking about it there are numerous contributors to such a weird phenom'. I am physically larger of course than I was a pre-teenager. But the significant difference is that my world view is much larger now and my understanding of the world is larger because of emotional and mental growth. Additionally, the property that we now own would hold numerous old neighborhoods. And actually it does. The neighbors are turkeys, deer, bear, coyotes and all sorts of other natural neighbors. When I look out into my back yard I am fortunate to only see my property. I can see approximately 30 acres before the the hill. I remember this scale thing before. I felt having 2-1/2 acres gave us a lot of room at the old house. Looking over the land, it felt immense.

I really like the quiet where I live, no lawn mowers, no cars.


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