Showing posts from December 1, 2002 THE destination for digital music. I am on a "music search" tonight. The daring adventure that brings new emotional context to our emotional thoughts. Some wacko I used to know said stuff like that. I am drawn toward spanish and latin music for some reason. I found a good quote on leadership when I was rummaging through my desktop "Leadership remains the most baffling of arts ... as long as we do not know exactly what makes men get up out of a hole in the ground and go forward in the face of death at a word from another man, then leadership will remain one of the highest and most elusive of qualities. It will remain an art. -James L. Stokesbury I have a lot to do today. I still need to decide what my next big project will be. I also have to decide what I am doing for my high-performance leadership project. The chickens didn't freeze yesterday. The eggs did though I am sure. I don't think it hurts them. I have to get the truck in to change the coolant. It is cold again this morning. The furnace has been running and running. We have made plans to put in a fireplace and a chimney. Of course that will take a while next winter most likely. We can fuel a stove or fireplace from wood off our wood lot. We won't have t buy any wood that is for sure. I will have to cut it though and get it to the house. - Spain: sub finds no Prestige leak - Dec. 3, 2002 I hava toastmaster's meeting at 7:15 at work this morning. It looks cold out there and from the sound of the furnace it probably is cold. I hope the chickens aren't frozen.
Area 11 News (December 1, 2002): Well it is back to work today. It was nice having the past 4 days off. I probably should head out now so I can get to the concrete block place before work to take the pallet back that I have a deposit on. I did get a lot done over that last 4 days. None of it was very strenuous which is unusual. I have most of my new electric service planned and priced. I was quoted $1700.00 by an electrician and he wasn't going to do any of the digging or pay the connect charges. I figure about $600 in materials. He was going to be ok for one day's work. Other work I got done was doing some inventory work for some radios a guy out in Oregon wants to buy. I hung a lamp in the basement, made a heater for the chicken's water, painted some stuff, made turkey soup, sorted through the office stuff (uhgg).
The weather is kind of crappy today. It is snowy. It is also my anniversary. I must concentrate on what next I will embark on... I have made it through many goals in the last two years. What should I do next for significant meaning? - Local Travel Page