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www. GOPHER MILK IN A SHOE .com I wonder if we should milk the llamas? What wild claims can I make about llama milk? Maybe I can claim it grows wool on your head instead of hair. Well I picked up a few more bales o hay tonight. The llamas just keep on eating... kinda like me. I figure I had better skid some trees up front for firewood this winter. It takes too long to cut it up out back. I can concentrate on getting trees closer to the house then cutting them up at my "logging leisure". I think my Holder tractor will fit the bill just fine. I will be sitting in a heated cab dragging a tree with a chain. Sounds like hard work doesn't it?
Ben Chapman's Menu Page I lost my speech contest yesterday. I think I was disqualified because of time. Oh well. I am planning on thge tall tales and Internation contests for the spring. My sister sent me a poem she wrote about the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" dinning in an evening dress. It is unquestionably odd. She says it is part of her creature series in poetry. Hopefully she can get me the original art that goes with the poem and I can post both.