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This past week has been nice. I have been in Duluth; no extreme travels this week. It has been very pleasant chillin' out around home taking care of the mundane things. I am not sure why, but the mundane has been pleasant. We have a new organist at church this week. Just as I might guess, he is from Rochester NY. I meet a lot of people everywhere from Rochester. Several of my colleagues both in Duluth and Kansas are from Upstate NY. One of them from Webster/Ontario. I finally got my McIntosh 2105 Power Amp back from the shop. They did a great job at Audio Classics. As I suspected, there was a lot more wrong with it than "just" the smoke that got out. Somehow they managed to put the smoke back in there and got it all tested and up to spec. It sounds great and really drives my Peavey PV115 Speakers. Certainly, the Peaveys are not the most efficient, but they can take really deal with what the amp gives'em. The UPS guy felt better about the 102 pound package after we tal