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DEALING WITH DISAPPOINTMENTS Woo Hoo!. My blogger is working again. Man, I was really getting PO'd at IQuest Hosting (sucks). Now I have to migrate my stuff to another host. There is no justice. It will cost me money, effort and most precious time to move my files to another place that I shouldn't have to move. I had to troubleshoot changed paths and guess as to why I could not gain access to my files. They pissed me off and showed me they really suck. The article above however shows me that I am probably gaining something out of the experience. I may not be able to see it currently, however. Douglas and I are going out back to gather wood when he wakes up. The llamas really enjoy some new hay I bought. They like it almost as much as their grain. I brought my orange tree home from work the other day. I planted a seed from an orange I had for lunch when I was working at Microwave Data Systems . I was having a bad day and I decided
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Hopefully the blogger is working again. Now I have to find a new host server. IQuest hosting sucks. I bought a camper for my truck. I wasn't really looking, but that is when you find good deals. I gave the guy 75 dollars. It needs some work but, it has a stove, fridge, sink, heater and it fits in my truck.
Google News I will be moving my server host soon. The place I am using now could screw up anything. That is the reason I have not posted anything (seemingly) for quite some time. The name of the crapper server hosting company is IQuest Hosting. They just plain stink. They bought out the service I was using. Now because of their screw ups I am moving. Avoid ""