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This weekend there is a large Agricultural equipment show in Atlanta. I spent much of my day there. I didn't buy a tractor, but I am shopping. Should I get the Greene one (Fendt) or the Yellow one (Challenger)? There were a lot of nice machines there and I learned a bunch of stuff. I hope to farm in a few years with some nice new equipment. There is much to learn. "What the Pho?" What a great name for a Asian Noodle restaurant. It was good. It is a great way to get rid of a cold. I tried a restaurant the other night down in Atlanta called "6 feet under" It was quite good and reasonable. I have been taking the Atlanta Marta train alot lately. It is nice to be able to veg and not have to worry about the Atlanta traffic. Certainly the most critical aspect of Atlanta is the traffic. You have to plan. I am quiting the fancy health club because the traffic is so bad getting the 4 miles over there. It can take 30 minutes at some times. Crazy. Things are going gre
On June 6 2004 I listed my top ten favorite songs. I think that list needs some updating. Again, in no particular order. Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D Major Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (new) Patsy Cline: That Wonderful Someone (certainly, this is not the best version) Melody Gardot: Our Love is Easy (new) Frank Sinatra: My Way Pink Floyd: Pigs on the Wing Elvis Presly: In the Ghetto Hugh Masekela: The Boy is Doing It (new) Morten Stevens: Theme to Hawaii Five-OH Quincy Jones (and many many others): Killer Joe