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My award winning chili lost in competition

I made chili for a neighborhood event this weekend. My award winning chili did not win or even get an honorable mention. That didn't keep everyone from "woofing" it down though that is for sure. I made it on the weber charcoal grill with mesquite wood for some nice smokiness. I also participated in our first church Saturday morning Men's breakfast. There was a good turnout. We are "amping" the event up now as the new monthly event, advertising and evaluating guest speakers. It was nice to see the neighbors and enjoy our neighborhood clubhouse on the lake. I call it our "Redneck Country Club". It is a great perk in the neighborhood. Any evening in the warm weather you can go down there to socialize and enjoy our private park (and beach) on the lake. We were laughing and comparing stories about the early days of the pandemic. One person interjected "We weren't laughing then". And no we weren't. It was scary. It was interesting r