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It is mid-week. Busy as usual. I bought a bird cam for my bird feeder. The reviews said that it was good for retires. Maybe that is why I bought it. The technology seems sound. The manual is terrible. I have to decide if I go with it or replace it with a halfway decent remote control camera instead. I don't have a single decent picture to post with it yet. Maybe that answers my question. I am back in Illinois this week and NY this weekend. The weather in Atlanta has been very wet. I got a photo today from a colleague with snow in Southern Brasil (shown below). Sim, meu Portugues aulas continue. For a minute a while back I thought everything might have been perfect. I remembered George Carlin's bit that says something like "Wait.. here it comes. Heree it comes... * ... Holy shit its gone!" (ed) It is that "time" thing again. I took a test on CSM about Russia. It was pretty tough. I was a bit ashamed with my score. The good news for today is that I am