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Another week. Indeed. What is the measure, a litre, a Lb., a fortnight, a dribble? My friend Bill and I attended an AOPA (Airplane Owners and Pilot Association) President's breakfast in Atlanta. I have to sometime remind myself that I live in a city and the power is in cities. Although that is absolutely the wrong place for a political power base. The weather was too crappy to fly, but was spectacular to experience in my back yard at sunrise. I had to move my orange tree inside this week. We had a real cold snap. We noticed that there was some excellent urban planning in my area. A co-located Waffle House and medical care all in the same building. We enjoyed the "Scattered, smothered, covered" at waffle house nevertheless! I noticed weirdly that I had accumulated some significant symbols on my dresser. This picture is not "made for TV". It sums things up. I had the privilege to study under a professor in graduate school that understood and could communicate what