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New Scientist - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly science magazine Quietly carry on as a believer, the untrustworthy and insincere will expose themeselves in due course. --Charlie Dowdell
MailStart - Your Email Anytime, Anywhere This is a great site. It allows you to easily check our email account from a different server. I find it to be one of those web things that "goes right.". I am still monkeying around with my job situation. I want this to all be over. They are still waiting on a signature for the counter offer here. I absolutely do not want to have to "change my mind" When I announce what I am doing, that will be it, no changes after that. A comittment will be made.
New Scientist: Plasma magic The negotiations go on. PTI has to give me some better numbers based on a very sketchy contract about tuition reimbursement. Hopefully, all this will be done in a couple of days and I can strat concentrating on work again (whereever it is). This is going to start wearing on me. I have an internal Interview today. It is the second one for this position. I have a job offer from the other company that expires tomorrow. It is an exciting time to be sure. On top of this decision tree I have a paper due on the "Bliss Classification System" and two web sites to finish for various organizations. Luckily, the speech I was doing for television has had taping postponed again this week... lucky for me. At least the siding is done on the house. It sure does look different. I fell down the basement stairs sunday morning. I didn't break anything, but I think I strained every muscle in my body. I was just trying to do too many things at once and I forgot about the basics of placing my feet appropriately on steps...DUH. Onward and upward.