Area 11 News (December 1, 2002):

Well it is back to work today. It was nice having the past 4 days off. I probably should head out now so I can get to the concrete block place before work to take the pallet back that I have a deposit on.

I did get a lot done over that last 4 days. None of it was very strenuous which is unusual. I have most of my new electric service planned and priced. I was quoted $1700.00 by an electrician and he wasn't going to do any of the digging or pay the connect charges. I figure about $600 in materials. He was going to be ok for one day's work.

Other work I got done was doing some inventory work for some radios a guy out in Oregon wants to buy. I hung a lamp in the basement, made a heater for the chicken's water, painted some stuff, made turkey soup, sorted through the office stuff (uhgg).


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