Victrola Music on Cassette and CD Early 1900's Recordings

I was thinking that I should list something like the best ten musical pieces in my life so far. Of course, this list changes, but I thought it would be neat to list the way I see it today. So here it is:

The following are not in order. I have listed the artist(s) or the the composer, sorry if I have not given appropraite credit. Tough.

  • Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D Major
  • Satn Getz: The Girl From Ipanema
  • Patsy Cline: That Wonderful Someone
  • Thin Lizzy: The Cowboy Song
  • Frank Sinatra: My Way
  • Pink Floyd: Pigs on the Wing
  • Elvis Presely: In the Ghetto
  • Solte: The Planets
  • Morten Stevens: Theme to Hawaii Five-OH
  • Art Farmer: Killer Joe

Something must be wrong. I don't really have any devil music there?


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