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Just got an email from an old friend/coworker. It was a timely message. I was just thinking about the special relationships we form with people we have worked with. I intentionally mean *worked* with. The people we currently work with we take for granted. The people we no longer work with always leave a permanent impression on on us. We may not even remember their name after the years.. But you can see their face and their words and the quirky stuff they do. I am so appreciative of some of the people I have met at work (some of them have been incredibly interesting). I remember a story I read about siblings and that they have a unique relationship because they will know no other individual as long as they know their sibling. Not friends, parents, children...But brothers and sisters are stuck with each other. I find a similar uniqueness with former coworkers. The relationship is unique and worthy of recognition of being unique. I guess that is one of the reasons I have the domain "theguysatwork".


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