Northeast Llama Showcase

I fixed the typo in the previous blog href for the movie... Don't hold your breath for me fixing other typos and errors. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It is after-all about the information not so much the presentation.

I got my starteer for the bobcat fixed by some freindly welder today. I was really having a hard time finding the right part. I hope it works right. I think it will 'cause often the cheaper way works better too.

There was a exceedingly pedantic scholar that crossed paths with my family in several ways (before and after his death) that used to write correspondence with phonic spellings and natural grammar.

For example: he wood goonanon abowt somthing he was passioant abowt with nothing butt strings ov gramaikal gook. thee lettrs are nou in washinton university's arkives.

Interestingly enough, don't we see this now emerging again with IM and our new fast kbd speak. These shorthands are not new to ham radio operators. .....qsl n2tyq sk 73.


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