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Well it is the start of LD-3. The llamas seem happy. However, they are skittery. Bonnie and I have only been able to touch/pet three of the five animals. It will take time to train thes critters. The water was froze over this morning. Their heavy coats are well suited for our climate. It just dipped below freezing and we did not have the heater on. The animals like grain that is for sure. Calista was wearing hay for a hat this morning. I did not have the camera with me but it would have been a good photo of a goofy llama. They are comfortable with their house. I was getting concerned that they may not like it for some reason but it appears they do like it. Most of them slept inside it last night. Work is bothering me. It was nice to spend a couple of minutes with the beasts, They are just so curious!


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