The Dowdell Farm, Berkshire N.Y.

I got a few things done yesterday, not much though. I got the substarte for the new barn door repaired.

John said he would come over and trade the rooster for a hen that he mistakenly sold me. Theat rooster is mean to me. When I go in looking for eggs he attacks me from behind as soon as I turn my back. The rooster doesn't attck Bonnie at all. We may have three layers at this point. We are unsure of where that last egg came from. We are hopeful that we will hae 4 laying hens soon.

I have to build the barn door. 7 foot 2 by 9 foot 6 is the size. I am using T&G pine and the doors will have 4 "X"s on the outside face for strenght and appearance.


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