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We had a meeting at work this morning regarding the new building they plan on building. They were originally going to build just up the street but I guess the lease holders aren't happy about the detention center planned to be built adjacent to our site. The mayor is supposed to sho up here Monday. I guess he is going to try and ply management.

They are planning a two story building. I have suggested to them that for a team environment, two stories would not be best. I just have a feeling that I will be stationed on the ground floor while the people who have important things to do will be on the second floor. As a technical writer for over 10 years, I am so incredibly sick of other employees considering my job as secondary or fluff. They consider information as a "fill" or "something nice to offer our customers". These people don't understand that information is what our business is all about. It is what we use to develop our products, build our products and market our products. An information manager can improve the processes involved in any of these areas if allowed to. I am saying conscious Information Management not information technology.

Who was it that said, "We thought we were in the wine business, but actually we were in the bottling business and we don't know anything about wine."?

In the preceeding quote, substitute "wine" for "information" and the world makes more sense.


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