Chisasibi - How We Got There...

I am planning a trip for the last weekend in July 2003. We are going to drive on the only road there is to James bay in Quebec. It should be exotic travel but relatively low cost.

Our chickens names are:

  • Maude: Large oval eggs, dark color, often dark spots on the ends. Delicious eggs.
  • Mavis: Our favorite, first layer and all around great chicken, just a pleasure to be around. Egg shaped eggs (weird) with a lighter smooth brown color. Delicious eggs.
  • Mabel: The youngest, small eggs, lighter color. Delicious eggs.
  • Mildred: Wicked. Disrupts the entire group with her nest rearrangements and bad attitude, occasional pecks at owners. Misses the rooster more than other chicks. Delicious eggs


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