NYSEG: Welcome to NYSEG

We managed to get the car back. I asked the town folks if they could plow the road up to the car and then I could get a tow truck in there. They plowed, then stopped by the house to get the keys for the car. They got the car out of the ditch and delivered the car to the front door. I certainly needed help. At this point I wish I had photos... but at the time photos really didn't interest me. It turns out the damage is a couple of scratches to Bonnie's car.

As part of the overall effort I managed to put a dent in my truck's front bumper. The aftermarket price checks out to be $132.00 for a new one. All in all we were very luck not to have gotten hurt or killed.

My new policy is not to drive on Christmas eve. I have had some bad driving experiences on that day... and considering it is Christmas eve, why should I?

James and Mary should be off the Costa Rica today. They said they are going to visit some ex-pats and generally have a good tropical time. Sure hope they can stay out of trouble. I bet you can find lots o' trouble pretty fast in Costa Rica if you're looking.


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