I went to New Harbor yesterday. The temperatures were in the 40s I bet. It didn't seem at all like Antarctica. It was quite a treat. I drank some water coming off the glacier. The Spirit of Enderby, a cruise ship, is bringing ashore passengers via their hovercrafts this morning at McMurdo. I was scheduled to be a tour guide, but I am scheduled to fly to Mt. Bird this morning.

I am surprised at how routine these trips are out to the field now. They are always a thrill but, it is fun when you know the pilots well and it all makes a better time for everybody. There is always fun conversation over the intercom.

It is hard to believe I will be on the C-17 in 3 days on my way home. It is interesting to note that the distance between McMurdo and Christchurch is approximately the same distance between NYC and Los Angeles. Of course, getting to New Zealand is the first leg of a long trip. I do have to spend a night in New Zealand. It is required. The scheduling between international, local, and ice (military) flights appropriately needs some elasticity.


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