The vehicle is a .... well uh, I'm not sure, but it is specially designed for....uh... Antarctica! Notice the name on the vehicle. Almost all the vehicles get a name. The rigger truck is called "Rigger Mortise". There are pickles (forklifts) called heckle and jeckle. The names go on and on.

Some detail oriented folks noticed fans and open windows in some pictures I have posted. Today you can see both. I am at lunch on a particularly nice day in town. The palm was added for an added touch. The cool drink is a typical Antarctican cool drink, water in a Nalgene bottle. The local custom for the cool drink is usually served frozen, often solid. I have an insulator for my Nalgene bottle with a few chemical hand warmers ready to help keep it liquid. Interesting enough it is very difficult to melt water from snow if you don't have a little water to start the process (when it is colder than 20 below out). The water actually will get a nasty burned taste. This is absolutely true.


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