Today was an interesting day. I got up at 4:30, had an hour teleconference. Went to work. Flew to Mt. Aztec and got picked up 3 hours later. The geology, rock formations, ventifacts and views were great. The most interesting thing about this site (in the dry vallys at 6500 ft.) is that it is a new site. It is likely that only 6 people have ever been here. I know them all. We repaired the repeater (I was paged Saturday night when it went down) and it is back up and running.

An Astronaut stopped in the shop this afternoon. Don Pettit who spent 3 months about the Space Sation is working with the meteor hunters down here. He stopped by in particular to discuss his needs for a pilot project for the just-announced moon base. They are planning on building a pilot moon base here. Why build it? It is already here. Sounds interesting. You never know who you sit down to dinner with down here. A world class scientist, an Astronaut, Mt. Everest guide, they are all here.


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