Today we went up to a NASA building to peak the antennas for the Erebus Volcano cam. We squeaked about 4 additional dB out of the signal. The golfball is the radome for satellite tracking. You will see the web cam is not functional at this time. I am not sure if they are going to feed the video I worked on today to the web or not. There are alot of good movies and what not at this site though.

The other pic is of my boss and a rigger who did the hard part up the tower. All I had to do was setup the Spectrum Analyzer and give adjustment instructions over the handheld radio to the riggers at our site and atop the volcano.

Next week looks exciting. I will be going to a large penguin rookery Monday and the the summit of Mt. Terror Tuesday (weather permitting).

I have volunteered in the galley Sunday morning. That will be different and fun. I told myself I was going to pitch in as I always like to do.. so I am.


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