In about 10 hours I am headed back to Duluth. I had a great meal last night of Rain deer and Blue cheese ice cream. It is absolutely true.

In the last two weeks I have been in the following cities in the following order (listed without countries) for specific reasons:

Duluth--Atlanta--Roissy--Beauvais--Roissy--Birmingham--Kennilworth--Stoneleigh--Kennilworth--Stoneleigh--Banbury--Stoneleigh--Kennilworth--Knowle--Kennilworth --Cosford--Birmingham--Kennilworth--Birmingham--Roissy--Vannta--Tikkakosken--Jyvaskyla--Linnavuori--Tampere--Jyvaskyla--Suolahti--Jyvaskyla--Suolahti--Jyvaskyla--Tikkakosken--Vannta--Roissy--Atlanta--Duluth

That makes 36 significant destinations in 12 days or 3 cities per day. The shortest travel time between any of these was about 20 minutes by car, the longest about 8 hours in the air. There were a whole lot of meetings and discussions.

Finland is nice. It is getting dark here about 5:30 pm. In the middle of winter they get about 4 hours of daylight in Jyvaskyla.


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