Finland Bound and Back

I am back in Finland. I have a 3 hour or so layover in Helsinki before I get to my final destination this evening. It will be about 1:00 in the morning when I get there. Tomorrow morning I drive for a couple of hours. The plane tonight carries freight as well as humans. It takes a while to get to the inside of Finland even from the UK. I will be in Finland 4 and 1/4 days. I have two cities to get to and participate in many meetings.

Driving in England was a great experience. learning to drive on the left hand side is much easier than learning to fly an airplane.

I anticipated and got some great shots from Birmingham (BHX) to Paris (CDG) today over the English Channel. The pics are from Seat 01A on an Air France AVRO RJ85 jet. These things have so many engines for such a small plane. I suspect they shut two down during cruise, 'cause the plane makes some pretty weird engine noises after takeoff and while on approach.


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