Happy NEW Year!! It is now 2010. Aren't we supposed to be living on the moon by now? Or at least figured out controlled fusion reactions?

Man o' Man it is cold and nasty out. The llamas haven't been outside in a couple of days. You know when the temperature gets below zero the wind doesn't blow? Well the wind is blowing. We only got about 8 inches of snow but I have drifts a couple of feet deep. It is just plan nasty out. It is still a lot more humid than Antarctica, however.

DJ's Bakery is coming along. The first part of the electric is done. The work I have done conjures my experiences working in old city property in Rochester. I guess I learned a lot. It all come back. Working with the crusty/burnt cloth insulated wiring and back-fed 2-wire circuits brings back a lot of memories. I guess the rule of thumb with old house wiring is that "if it works, do it." Working in the environment gets you nostalgic. Thinking about the guy who put the fixture or the piece of wood in place makes you think what they were thinking. The work was done at a time when string was used to secure parcels and there were only flat bladed screws and nails. Seeing the different levels of craftsmanship and quality/durability of the materials is always a treat. I am reminded that new is not better. I reuse the old parts as often as possible since they are better and cheaper. I do appreciate the levels of interchangability between the new and old parts.


Todd Sheehan said…
Do you have any scones, or crumpets in that new bakery yet? I'm hungry!

It's looking good! When does the heavy machinery (stoves, mixers, etc.) move in?

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