My helo flight was moved up two hours then delayed and eventually canceled due to weather on the mountain top. Looking at the photos and maps it is going to be quite a view. We have two repeaters on that mountain (Mt.Coates). One of them needs a new feedline (next time you get up there) and we are having problems with an aviation repeater. I talked my way into a new set of tools today. It is a nice backpack set with a Fluke Model 187 multi-multi-meter. I am taking a Bird wattmeter, spares and some other tidbits. depending on the weather I should be up there tomorrow. I just looked at the helo schedule. It looks like an 8:30 launch with me getting back by about 2:30. It gets cold up there. I will be paying close attention to my clothes tomorrow AM. I had a good rehearsal today and enough time to go back and do the things I felt could be better.

Not sure what make or vintage of the tracked vehicle. I guess it is a delta of some sort. The mountain is a shot of Mt. Erebus, which is an active volcano. We have equipment up there. Yes we do. Some of the GPS guys I know were up there last week.


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