It is the weekend again. The day off tomorrow. I hurt my ankle today. I thought I may had to work on Sunday but I got the job done this evening. I had to get a new type of GPS out of a crawler that it was in for testing. I will be installing the same GPS when I get out to Taylor Dome next week for the lead traverse vehicle. I think it is a Pisten Bully with advanced crevasse radar.

Today I also went up to Mt. Bird (yes, the correct spelling). We got the machine installed, but it was not good weather at its companion site so the system is only part up. It was pretty windy for the ride in the Bell 212. We got blown around quite a bit. But on the mountain at 6000 ft the weather was great. I had to shed a couple of layers after working a bit.

The picture of the rock is Big Razorback Island in McMurdo Sound.

The Bell 212 helo is the twin engine equivalent to the "Huey". I think the Huey is a Bell 205.


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