Things are going well. I am busy. Last night I watched the 2004-2005 McMurdo Film Festival Video. Even with all this activity there is time for video production for some folks. Some of the videos were a real hoot.

Today I get my hair cut. Haircuts are free, but getting a appointment can be tough especially if you cannot predict where you are going to be all the time as with my job.

I gave a department presentation on sun protection yesterday. It only takes a couple of minutes to get sunburned down here. It is a great paradox to get sunburn and frost nip at the same time. Did you know that the UVA band starts at 750,000 GHz and that UVC is a concern here since we have no ozone in the atmosphere.

These pictures are of the A-Star helo and a nice shot of the Taylor Valley in the Dry Valley region of Antarctica. It really is quite breath taking.


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