I twisted my ankle Saturday. I am OK, but I will be taking it easy for a few days I am sure.

The culture here is somewhat refreshing. People are polite and friendly and when you are driving around they wave to you. People who don't want to be here are not here. Living in close quarters with something and having much in common (being in Antarctica) allows people to connect better it seems.

The bird is a Skua. http://www.antarcticconnection.com/antarctic/wildlife/birds/skuas.shtml They can get very aggresive. They will see you carrying food and then attack you. They are a good sign of summer and they are very skilled at getting their way with humans. The other picture was taken at about midnight. That is about as low as the sun gets. It is so weird. We still call it nighttime. I understand what folks say about short term memory loss on the ice. It definately seems to have affected me. We carry small green memo books which we call green brains.


Anonymous said…
I JUST saw a skua on PBS... I think they were trying to eat an injured penguin. I think the penguin was a chinstrap?
Charles said…
Skuas primarily live on baby penguins down here. They are not held in high esteem.
Anonymous said…
How big is a skua? Are they good eatin'???
Ankle swolen at all? The people want to know!

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