I will be leaving from Binghamton (my point of departure) on my way to Denver for tonight and tommorow night. Bonnie and I went out for breakfast this morning. I couldn't help but take a couple shots of the farm before we head out. I also went outside last night and looked at the full moon. Starting next week I will not see the night sky for over 4 months, weird. I find it difficult to sleep in sunshine. The good thing is that this will cure me of that and next year I will be able to nap outside in my hammock.

There are no trees and almost no life at all on Antarctica. It is 98% covered by ice. There are bacturium and only the simplest of vegetation in very spotty locations.

Everything has pretty much gone as clockwork (a fast running clock) over that last couple of months, the leave from my regular job, the doctor and dentist appts, all the way to getting my sunglasses which arrived late, but in time yesterday.


Anonymous said…
First thing I do next time is put the caps on the fence posts... rats. The farm looks great though, huh!

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