I got the word this morning. My tickets are purchased. I leave for Antarctica on October 7th. My Ice flight (Christchurch to McMurdo, Ross Island Antarctica) is planned for October 13th.

I have a couple of days in Denver.

Ready or not I am hitting the road. I am mostly ready. Am I ready for not seeing the night sky for 4 months? Am I ready for uncertainty in polar weather? Am I ready to meet a whole bunch of new folks? Am I ready to be flying around in Antarctica via Helicopters and ski planes to science camps and remote radio sites? Am I ready for Antarctica?

More importantly is Antarctica ready for me? I like some advice I think about in times like this.

“Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.”

“Audacity, audacity.... always audacity.” Frederick the Great

I truly expect the experience to be a positive one. It is my version of a 21st century Vision Quest. I expect to make new friends.

What does one wear to Antarctica? I mean besides something warm. I will be posting photos again soon.


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