I am sitting in the Travel Office at the Antarctica Centre. There are walk up computers to use. We were just told that we have a one hour delay on our flight. We are all in our ECW and man it gets really hot really fast. I am currently in my black bib coveralls, with long underwear. The parka and the rest of the ECW is over at the passenger terminal. I have my bunny boots on which we are required to wear. So far they seem somewhat amazing. They are comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in considering their size and weight. They say US on the back. They have an air valve on them that must be open during the flight. I was thinking what might happen if we had an explosive decompression in flight. Fragments of boot everywhere?

Bunny boots on ebay for $6.75!?

I am hoping we get going today, but we all have to be prepared for another false alarm. Unlike with commercial flights no one gets upset. We all know it is for safety. I think about screaming passengers in airline terminals ranting and raving about how their flight was delayed or cancelled. I was thinking that maybe we take those folks and get them all on the unsafe flights... it seems that's what they want.

I heard a good quote which has been relating to my recent thoughts and paper journal writings. It goes something like this; "If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, in time it will become you want to do. However, if you are doing what you want to do, but not what you are supposed to do you will not find you want to do it when you get there."

The food has been excellent here in NZ, everywhere. For breakfast yesterday I did find fish.. yes its true. I found salmon and hash as a main course. The hash was really hash browns not the hash we know of in the states. It was excellent.

I really feel like part of the program and have a vastly improved understanding of what station life will be like as this point. Seeing everyone with their ECW on and participating in breakfast discussions regarding past experiences on the ice is exciting. I am rubbing shoulders with some pretty experienced folks who have broken records and moved Antarctica exploration ahead in real measurable ways.


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