At 9:00 AM my time I will be headed to Antarctica unless the trip is scrubbed for weather (twice this year already). The flight might "boomerang" as well. If the pilot decides not to go beyond the "point of no return" we will turn around to Christchurch and then they give me more money for the hotel and we try again. The record is 7 boomerangs. I will be on a Air Force C-17 which is a very nice aircraft. They actually install seats (easily removed) for this mission. The payload space is very flexible. We will exit the aircraft through the huge rear door. The flight will last about 6 hours. There are 69 people on my ice-flight.

I got my ECW gear today. Seems warm enough for Antarctica... The big orange parka has my name on the front. I rejected one of the pairs of light mittens and my carharts, because they were worn to the point of concern. At the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) they say "if you don't have your clothes right you are in deep do do". Clothing is critical. My theory is that the modern exploration of Antarctica all boils down to mobility (aviation, traverse), communications (radio, and procedures) and protection (clothing/shelter/food). I think you could probably make some some sort of survival pyramid with these things.

Once I tried these clothes on today I feel like I am already there. I also hooked up with a guy I emailed and was planning on hooking up with on station He works with another contractor, but he is doing similar stuff as I am. Turns out he is on my flight. Interestingly, I already met his buddy yesterday.

My computer is having some issues so I could not get it ok'd for use yet. I have to try when I get to Mactown. So pictures aren't as easy not having my ftp tools on my laptop. I will be getting some photos up soon one way or another.

Hopefully, my next post is from McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica!


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