The flood waters are pretty much receeding now. It has been a real event here. Work is closed again today, no electric. I went in for a while then came home. Of course there is a lot to do at home. I checked out our pond yesterday to make sure it was still there. We made out ok. My drainage work of the last couple of years paid off. I know my driveway would have disappeared if I had not done the work. A lot of people are affected around here in one or more ways. This is the worst flood around here since 1935 which spurred on several dams and water management projects. Curiously, I went to see how high Whitney Point resorvoir got and it didn't seem to get even close to the spillway. The video on the national news of the house getting washed down river was in Binghamton.

We are getting two more llamas this weekend, two females.

News video from flood


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