I started on the fence. I rented a good auger setup for the Bobcat. I had to enable the aux hydraulics and all that, but it is figured out and I am getting a process. I will be readjusting what I have in the pics today. I started in the back because I know I am going to get better results the more experienced I get. Setting all these posts in concrete is a real dilemma for me. It feels permanent. I have to get it right. It is just plain difficult. This morning I decided that this is another job that cannot be done with just one person. There are too many points to look for to make it true. Just like with all the other projects I have done, I am not going to be able to look at a fence the same way again. 89 more posts to go.

It is Field Day weekend as well. There is a Field Day radio contest thie weekend (almost all weekends have some radio contest). Field Day is a traditional time when amateur radio operators setup a radio station away from their normal station and/or get on the air using their own power. It is fun. I am monitoring 14.234 MHz for my chance to talk with the folks at the South Pole Station. The conditions haven't been right yet.


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