Useful Llama and Alpaca Items

It is 3 degrees below zero this morning. The sun is out and it is a still as it can be. Its not bad having the cold temps when there is no wind and no snow. I went to dump the stove ashes in teh drive way and I didn't even put a coat on. Its cold but its not bad out there.

Well I got the comment feature working on the blog and I reformated things. It looks a lot nicer. I don't usually mess around a lot with that stuff. I like it when I see it, But I usually don't want to spend the time.

The llama beans are going over well. I am claiming copyright on llama beansTM. This is a great hobby. "Hobby Marketing"

I am incredibly busy at work. I guess that beats the alternative. I have some accounting homework to finish today and I want to get some stuff on eBay.


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