I am looking at solar systems for domestic hot water. It appears the best way is to buy a Rheem/ruud (model 81V080HE1) 80 gallon water heater (electric). That water heater has a built in heat exchanger for a solar panel system. Then you use zone pumps, valves and thermostats normally used for radient heating but in reverse. That way I can have a zone that heats water from the coal stove if on, or the solar panels, if hot, or another source. Maybe the llamas give off heat...biomass.

It's Wednesday. Halfway mark. We are super busy at work. We have a big event down in florida 3rd week in March. It is our International Dealer Meeting. We have it every 2 years. This year I am going. I have a booth for technical publications. Everyone seems to be working on the event in marketing.


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