Its a crappy day. The temperature got up in the forties which was nice, however. This morning when I left the house (still dark) I took the Subaru. The car started fish tailing when I was heading down the street. For a 4wd car.. That was pretty bad. The ice on the roads was so thick. When I got to the first of the big hills, I got out of the car and slipped. I decided I would not attempt the downhill at any speed. I turned around and made the long detour down to Maine NY and then got on the state rd 26 to go north. That is about a 15 mile detour. To top that all off deer seemed to jump out everywhere. Luckily, the car was not damaged and I got where I was going.

The llamas appreciated the higher temperatures a lot. Fawna is about the same. We are hoping she will get better when the weather gets better. She sure can kick. She got the inside of my thigh today. Those feet can sure do some damage. It is bruised and cut. It is snowing right now. I think everybody has had about enough of this. I know I have. This morning I went to work and went to a Toastmasters Officer training for a very good session on leadership skills.

I have been working on my competition speech. Bonnie was excited about the portions I showed her. I have homework to do but I am unmotivated tonight. I have a Yuengling here.

I took the tractor out for a spin on the road tonight since I had to move it to get the bobcat up the chicken coop. I think the top speed is something like 28 mph in the highway gear. That's pretty fast for a 65 hp tractor. The heat and the windshield wipers worked.


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